Sairam friends,

The cows i saw in dream made me do this :

Several sacred dreams from Shirdi Sai baba , Shree paadha shree vallabha and Lord Dattatreya over the past 3 years showing me vision of sacred cows is the inspiration for StarSai.in – The Animal care website from starsai network.

For more than 4-5 years i really desired to have a website from Saint Shirdi Sai baba’s Holy feet network – StarSai.com , a seperate place to spread the greatness of Sacred Indian cows, Animal care, Pet care and serve humanity by creating awareness about serving Cows, helping them survive ,feeding them etc.

I also wish to make StarSai.in is a complete Animal care organization providing information , photos from people who wish to share their experiences and love for animals etc.

I hope Shirdi Sai baba devotees and all others who loves animals will realize the great blessings they gain by any good deeds they do for animals,pets and birds to live in peace.

Contribute your experiences to mail ID in Shirdi Saibaba Site StarSai.com


StarSai.com Holy feets network.